For those of you  who know the album :

Ok I owe you all an explanation for Who is  Chi chi favelas and the B&W band  as some of you out there wonders

here’s  the  story :

After I co Wrote the music for the two classic Cerrone tracks «Give me Love» and «Supernature»Cerrone made me a very weird proposition : to disappear from the credit list  for his next album if we would continue our collaboration.

He said :we’ll do it as usual but i don’t want you to appear in the credits either for writing or producing

Of course this offer  did not really met my approval,and since I had some free time ,I decided I would try to make an album with the «Rock around the Disco» concept .I worked  with the same people I used to when co-producing for Cerrone .

So here is the credits which never  appeared on the album:

Lead and backing vocals: Kay Gardner

Backing vocals Sue glover Sunny leslie

Keyboards Trevor Bastow Lance Dixon

Bass :Moe Foster

Guitar and talking bag Slim Pezin

Drums Clem Catinni

Contractor David Katz

Horns and strings arrangements:Jean Claudric aka Franck Fielding

Lyrics by lene Lovich Music by Alain Wisniak

the only reason I could think of the name «Black and white Band» was that  during the recording sessions,the tea was black and the  band was white .
Actually it was more of a session band than a  real one  and as  i enjoyed  what i read about the album on the net..about the album i wanted to tell the story and give everyone the credit they deserve.

Humm feels better ...


From Alain Wisniak’s Desk