While waiting to integrate the team of a young starting talent, Michel Fugain (!),
 a few months later, I was asked to create a music group to accompany him on stage. 
 So there I was, totally inexperienced, appointed pianist of this amazing artist 
on his first concerts, or “galas” as they were still called in those days. 
Among my former teammates were the illustrious Patrick Lannes (guitar) 
and François Auger (drums).

1960- 1970
It was around that time that I noticed girls were very sensitive to guys (and by guys 
I mean me) playing  “What I say”, “I put a spell on you” or Johnny Hallyday’s
 hit “le Pénitencier”.

And It didn’t worry me much that I scored very poor results in school. I thought 
I’d always be able to make a living out of piano bars... 

After a memorable stay in Toulouse with the VIP group (later to become Spooky Tooth), we created a group from scratch with Fugain’s team just for the time of a recording session. We called it Jupiter Sunset (Back in the sun). 
Well, much to my surprise, the resulting single was released, broadcasted on the radio 
and it sold like hot cakes.

Man! Is life good or what?

This surprising success led me to live another adventure with my fellow music
 teammates. The group was called Cockpit and was composed of the same
 Dominique + Yves Chouard and FR David playing bass and singing. It did pretty well.
 On other occasions, I sometimes participated in studio recording sessions 
and that was how, for example, I met Joe Lebb and Marc Tobali’s Variations. 

On the weekends, whenever I wasn’t playing, I passed the time in Claude Brunet’s booth. He was DJ  in Deauville .. and didn’t suspect at the time that he
 would become program director at Europe 1, major French radio station.
 Since I didn’t know how to dance, I spent the evenings observing people…

The rest of the time, I was learning the craft as an assistant, first with Vogue where
 I met Alain Boublil, Jacques Wolfson and his crew (Michel Pelay, Haddi Kalafate,
 Jean Pierre Alarsen, Alain Legovic, Gérard “Krapou”, Christian Padovan, 
Claude Puterflam, J. Dutronc). That’s also how, by sheer luck and keeping a low profile,
 I got to witness major hits being born such as “Et moi et moi” and the legendary “
Il est 5 heures Paris s’éveille”. 

In this picture I’m like “yeah, I’m a soldier”… so f*ing reckless!

After my military service was completed, I was hired by Polydor where I met
 Mr. Henri Belolo, production director. He took me along with him
when he left Polydor to create his own music label: Carabine Music.


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