I felt I needed to become seriously involved if I intended to pursue a career in the music business. So I decided to study conscientiously and to take Harmony classes with Mr. André Hodeir. Also, thanks to my buddy (even brother) Jean Philippe Iliesco, I began composing jingles for commercials and earning a living in the process.
With my friends Fr David, Jean Pierre Grosz and Jean Louis Bentolila, we set up a  tiny studio in the basement of a house in Marnes la Coquette. We shared studio time  amongst ourselves on equal terms, which was very convenient for me to compose commercial music and song demos.
I began traveling regularly to England and recording in prestigious studios such as Lansdowne and Trident (where I could come across  Queen, Stevie Wonder, Elton John and David Bowie… Mind blowing!)
Michel Delpech ,Mariline.
Michel recorded my first two songs for me: la fille aux baskets and  Le fleuve qui coule en silence,

On tour with Christophe in 1976, is it possible? Our Bus tour (no post production on that picture!)
Our pilot, Mariline, Didier Batard The sorely missed Patrice Tison surrounded by Wisniak’s
Didier Batard, Bunny, Dominique Perrier .Christophe.
Respect! Looking back on it, it all seems a bit surreal to me…

More labels started to trust me with the production of their artists’ albums. I met Eric 
Bamy, Noël Deschamps and St Preux (whose drummer was a certain Jean Marc Cerrone).

 (thank you Alexandre Marcellin) 
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