Creating the jingle package for the young radio station FM 95.2 with a group of formidable representatives of what French music and songs was at that time.

At the Gang studio, starting from the left: Olivier di Spirito Santo, Gilbert Montagné, Marc Tobali, Christian Schaeller, Sam Choueka, Fr David, Laurent Voulzy, Alexandre Marcellin, Jean Schulteis, Diane Tell, Michel Bernhole.

I met movie director Andjezw Zulawsi and his producer René Cleitmann who hired me to compose the soundtrack of their movie: “La femme publique” staring Valérie Kaprisky, Francis Huster and Lambert Wilson.

The next year, the same crew worked on another movie called “l’année des Méduses” by Christopher Franks… So I was asked again to write original music … Yes, I’m a lucky man!

But the movie industry isn’t so easy to integrate. Fortunately, a pianist/arranger that was very well established in the business (and don’t be mistaken, that doesn’t amount to saying he was a homosexual!) offered me a hell of a partnership! It consisted in working in his home studio to program, record and mix songs of artists who wished to collaborate with him on their albums. And there were plenty of those since he was none other than Michel Bernhole (I’m sitting next to him on the FM 95.2 picture above). He was Michel Berger and Véronique Sanson’s arranger, amongst others…

We spent three years making music and working like lunatics, sometimes 12 hours a day. Our only problem was the rudimentary gear of the home studio. Some pieces of equipment did only function on paper… so we managed, but suffered from mild sleep deprivation for a while!

 During the year 1988,
It took me only a few days to compose a music that became the most publicly broadcasted theme song: the music for the still running TV game “Questions pour un Champion”. Special thanks to Simone Harari and Sirs Jacques Bal, Olivier Baudoin and Bill Mason.

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